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Portico d’ottavia

Portico d’ottavia is an adaptation for childrens of the book by Anna Foa on the jewish roundup in Rome. Ed Laterza, Celacanto collection.

copertina robinson 2

Robinson Crusoe

An adaptation for high school childrens of Daniel Dafoe’s book commissioned by ELI publishing. Selected by the Society of Illustrator 2015.



Isola is the first comic that I also write, it’s published on Bcomics by Ifix studio with other stories.

sfondo taviani copy2

Osteria Taviani

L’Osteria Taviani is a small restaurant in the heart of  Bientina. Graphic design and a series of illustrations on food.


Del Cambio

Animated illustrations for the historical restaurant del Cambio in Torino, project curated by 515 Creative Shop.

1 - Viaggio al centro della terrra

Viaggio al centro della terra

I wanted to confront myself with a classic of the children’s literature such as “Journey to the center of the earth” by Jules Verne.

niko 1

Skinwalker characters

Two covers for the comics series from Ed.Bookmaker comics Skinwalker.

etnik 1

Monograph: Etnik

Monograph is a project by Bookmaker comics, a series of biographic stories on street artist, I have participated to the first, on the world famous writer Etnik.

locandina Pecore Elettriche - ingrandita

Ogni santo giorno

Cover illustration and graphic for the new album from Pecore Elettriche, Ogni Santo Giorno. Phonarchia.

copertina SW ultimate col 2

Skinwalker Ultimate collection Covers

Covers for the comics series from Ed.Bookmaker comics Skinwalker.


Non umano, troppo umano

“Non umano, troppo umano” is a short retrò-sci-fi comic of ten pages that fit in the collections “Apocalypse Tarot” written by Valentino Sergi and published in 2013 by Passenger Press.


Young and old

A series of digital portraits of young and old people.



A series of digital portraits



Robots is the series that permits me to develop a research through digital brushes.


A stroke journey

A series of big-sized original illustrations I’ve used to experiment with brushes.


sketchbook, the fourth

A declaration of love to sketches.

img evidenza


  The first story, written by Antonio Lusci, of a web-series of comics called “the daily strange” published by Manicomix.