sfondo taviani copy2

Osteria Taviani

L’Osteria Taviani is a small restaurant in the heart of  Bientina. Graphic design and a series of illustrations on food. www.osteriataviani.it


Del Cambio

Animated illustrations for the historical restaurant del Cambio in Torino, project curated by 515 Creative Shop.

1 - Viaggio al centro della terrra

Viaggio al centro della terra

I wanted to confront myself with a classic of the children’s literature such as “Journey to the center of the earth” by Jules Verne.


The Island

The Island is a temporary name for a story I am writing, these are the sketches I have done for this project so far.

niko 1

Skinwalker characters

Some studies on the characters from Skinwalker, ed Bookmaker comics.

etnik 1

Monograph: Etnik

Monograph is a project by Bookmaker comics, a series of biographic stories on street artist, I have participated to the first, on the world famous writer Etnik.

locandina Pecore Elettriche - ingrandita

Ogni santo giorno

Cover illustration and graphic for the new album from Pecore Elettriche, Ogni Santo Giorno. Phonarchia.

copertina SW ultimate col 2

Skinwalker Ultimate collection Covers

Two covers for the comics series from Ed.Bookmaker comics Skinwalker.


Non umano, troppo umano

“Non umano, troppo umano” is a short retrò-sci-fi comic of ten pages that fit in the collections “Apocalypse Tarot” written by Valentino Sergi and published in 2013 by Passenger Press.


Young and old

A series of digital portraits of young and old people.



A series of digital portraits



Robots is the series that permits me to develop a research through digital brushes.


a stroke journey

A series of big-sized original illustrations I’ve used to experiment with brushes.


sketchbook, the fourth

A declaration of love to sketches.

locandina es

electric sheeps EP

The design of the cover and poster of the Ep from Electric Sheeps.

img evidenza


The first story, written by Antonio Lusci, of a web-series of comics called “the daily strange” published by Manicomix.